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Feathered Friends Sanctuary & Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in southern Wisconsin. We are committed to providing a safe haven for homeless Parrots living in captivity. Which includes proper veterinary care, nutrition, socialization, physical and mental stimulation, clean spacious living areas, and educated adoption guidelines. Our mission is to give these beautiful and intelligent beings a life worth living. We work solely on private donations and adoption fees. Donations and contributions are always needed and welcome. We believe in QUALITY OF LIFE FOR ALL LIVING BEINGS. If a bird is in constant pain, or deeply distressed with no hope for a better future, we feel it is our duty to do whatever we can to change the situation for the better and stop the suffering. We will do whatever needs to be done to ensure that we accomplish this very important goal.

We don't profit from placing birds and have no paid staff — everyone associated with Feathered Friends Sanctuary & Rescue is a devoted volunteer. However, in order to maintain our programs and our high standard of avian care, we must require reasonable fees from adopters. Many birds will need our care indefinitely — some for the rest of their lives. Every dollar that Feathered Friends Sanctuary & Rescue brings in is used to promote our mission and provide for birds in need. The adoption fee varies depending on species and is due in full at the time of adoption.

Parrots have become increasingly popular as pets in recent years, and too many of the people who are drawn to their beauty are unaware of the challenges of keeping an animal only a generation or two removed from the wild. Birds are messy, and some can be very loud. Unless purchased from a reputable breeder or bird shop that understands the importance of good health, socialization and proper handling after purchase, problems such as biting can pop up. Birds are also given up when a bird owner marries, or when children arrive, or sometimes because the owner can no longer handle the work involved in keeping such a high-maintenance pet. The long lives of parrots can also leave them vulnerable – with life spans measured in decades, some birds outlive their owners. For all these reasons and many more, too many parrots end up going from home to home before ending up in a place like Feathered Friends Sanctuary & Rescue if they’re lucky or facing euthanasia if they’re not. Few community shelters and humane groups are equipped to handle birds, which makes parrot sanctuaries even more important.

We realize that those who invest in a bird have probably spent a lot of money to purchase the bird, adequate housing and accessories. The initial desire for some people is to get back a return on that investment. Before you place that advertisement, please consider this: your bird may end up being caught in a cycle of continuous instability, abuse or neglect—either physically or mentally. Birds require a great deal of time, patience and understanding. They are extremely intelligent beings, and without attention and social interaction, they can and often do develop psychological problems such as feather plucking and self-mutilation. Once these behaviors have started they cannot always be reversed.

If you have a bird you can no longer care for please contact us.

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FFSR is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization EIN 45-1161823.

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