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Amazons and African Greys

Amazons are native to Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Most are predominantly green with other accentuating colors. Amazons can be excellent talkers and love mimicking human voices. They are often fairly independent and able to entertain themselves with appropriate space and toys. However, they still need lots of human interaction and stimulation to become excellent companions. Amazons can be aggressive, especially during mating season or when overstimulated, but they can also be very gentle and outgoing. They need lots of activity and exercise in order to avoid obesity. Amazons have a very distinctive scent, and once chosen by an Amazon, most owners couldn't imagine their homes without one!

African Greys are some of the most intelligent birds. They have incredible talking abilities and there is evidence that they are often not just imitating human speech - they actually understand what they're saying! Because of their intelligence, African Greys require lots of toys, mental stimulation, and human interaction to avoid problems such as feather plucking and mutilating. African Greys are not the cuddliest birds, but their intelligence and personalities make them fascinating companions.

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Babs - Yellow-Naped Sammy - Congo Sport - Blue-Front  
*Birds in foster are currently being kept at private residences, not on FFSR premises. Special arrangements need to be made in order to meet these birds--please call FFSR for more information.
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Amazons and African Greys


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