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Cockatiels and Parakeets

Cockatiels and budgies (commonly called parakeets) are the two most common types of birds kept as pets. Cockatiels are the smallest of the cockatoo family, and while not as loud as other cockatoos, they do like to chatter and are very proficient whistlers. Cockatiels are usually mild-mannered birds and can be excellent family birds as long as they receive the proper diet, stimulation, and socialization. Although cockatiels are smaller birds, they still require a lot of time and attention in order to be happy, healthy companions.

Budgies are the most commonly kept pet birds. They are readily available at many pet stores, which unfortunately means many of them end up with us when they are more work than their owners were prepared for. Budgies are very social birds and can live together happily, as long as they are all the same gender! In budgies, this is very easy to tell - in males, the cere (nostril area above the beak) is blue, while in females it is pink or light brown. Budgies can be very sweet and tame birds, and many can even learn to talk!

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ButchPeaches Frankie George George, Sweetie, & Tweety
Butch & Peaches - Cockatiels Frankie - Cockatiel George - Cockatiel George, Sweetie, & Tweety - Cockatiels
Miss Priss
Miss Priss - Cockatiel    
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Cockatiels and Parakeets
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