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Conures make up a very diverse and large group of parrots. They are native to Central and South America, although there are now colonies of conures living in the United States as well due to owners releasing their pets into the wild.

Conures are generally smaller birds who love playing and exploring. They like to do tricks and dance and can often be taught simple commands. Conures can be loud, with screeching outbursts not uncommon, which makes them a poor match for apartment-dwellers. If properly socialized and entertained, conures are also very cuddly and affectionate birds. They also tend to adjust well to active households, though like any bird, they do need a routine. Conures may not be the best "first bird," but if you have some experience, they can be excellent companions or family birds.

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Boaz and Ruthie Feathers Maddy and Wally Paulie
Boaz - Nanday Feathers - Green-Cheek Maddy & Wally - Green-Cheek Paulie - Blue-Crowned
Si - Green-Cheek      
*Birds in foster are currently being kept at private residences, not on FFSR premises. Special arrangements need to be made in order to meet these birds--please call FFSR during phone hours (11a-4p CST) for more information.


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