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George & Miss Priss

Miss Priss


George & Miss Priss are a (male/female) bonded pair of nine-year-old cockatiels who were surrendered to FFSR because of their prior owner's declining health. Both George and Miss Priss have become a bit timid around humans, although they were previously quite sociable--so, while they're a bit out of practice at socializing with humans, they both have the potential to once again become someone's treasured companions. Miss Priss in particular is often quite content to cling to the front of your shirt while you talk softly to her. Before coming to FFSR, George and Miss Priss enjoyed out-of-cage time together but lived in separate cages. However, since we have moved them to a larger shared cage, they've become more bonded and will need to be adopted together. Please contact FFSR for an appointment to come and meet this charming cockatiel pair!

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Miss PrissMiss Priss





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