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Macaws are native to Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Most species live in the rainforest, and most are endangered in the wild, with at least six species already extinct. They can live to be 100 years old, and some species of macaws can weigh up to four pounds!

Macaws are very intelligent and love to talk and vocalize. They need lots of toys for chewing and mental stimulation. In the wild, macaws mate for life, and this instinct carries over into capitvity where they often form a strong bond with their chosen person. They are very playful and need lots of interaction and training to ensure they don't develop any bad habits (biting, screaming, plucking, etc.). Macaws are some of the most colorful and social birds kept as pets, and they can make excellent companions.

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Big Bird Cappy
Artie - Blue & Gold Bart - Blue & Gold Big Bird - Blue & Gold Captain - Blue & Gold
Chaco Charlie Cosmos Doc
Chaco - Greenwing Charlie - Blue & Gold Cosmos - Blue & Gold Doc - Severe
Josh Kelly Makia
Josh - Severe Kelly - Blue & Gold Lala - Blue & Gold Makia - Blue & Gold
Max Moe Paco Woody
Max - Blue & Gold Moe - Severe Paco - Blue & Gold Woody PD - Blue & Gold


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