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Peaches & Sweetie




Peaches & Sweetie are a bonded pair of female cockatiels who need a bit of socialization work--Sweetie more so than Peaches. Both Peaches and Sweetie initially came to FFSR bonded to different cockatiels but circumstances led to their introduction and they appear to be contentedly bonding. Beautiful but timid Sweetie has yet to decide humans are worthy of trust. Sweetie is however an adventurous eater who's always willing to try new things. Peaches steps up fairly readily (especially once away from the cage) although she does seem to often prefer perching on someone's shoulder or head to staying on their finger. Peaches also enjoys preening/"nesting" in her human companions' hair. Peaches and Sweetie have the potential to become treasured companions for the right family. Please contact FFSR so you can come get acquainted with Peaches & Sweetie.

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