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Success Stories

These are some of our recently adopted birds and what their new families have to say about them. Have a success story of your own or a cute picture you'd like to share? Let us know about it!


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First, Papi has finally made himself at home. He lets me pet him and pick him up. He likes to be on the floor chewing on a towel. He pulls on it and makes sounds like a dog.

He talks alot now. Sometime he says something, and you have to do a double-take. Did he really say that? He says hello, how are you, bad, hey pop, apple apple when he is given something he likes to eat, etc.

He is still deciding about Tim. He has to be patient and take it slowly with him. I can walk around Papi barefoot, but Tim has to wear shoes.

Towels are not Papi's favorite item, so he scoots to his cage when I get one out, which I use as a secret weapon. We are still getting to know him, but he is great. Thank you again.





Monty rocking out to classical music

Monty getting a bit spoiled

We just returned from a trip to Yellowstone and have found that Monty is an excellent traveler.

Here's a couple of pictures from the trip:

Monty rocking out to classical music

My son spoiling him a bit.

Romeo came home on Thursday and settled into his new home/cage and toys. He loved the food Nothing wrong with this guys appetite. We have challenged him to leave the comfort of the cage and wander into the play area with toys and ladders and other birds. Romeo learned very quickly if he wants almonds or nutriberries he has to go to the play area. It's nice to view the respect the birds have for each other.  Better than some humans... Since each of the bigger birds are allowed time out of the cage (with supervision) they actually switched cages yesterday... too funny. We have been enjoying to vast vocabulary the new guy has. Lady, and Molly the eclectus' love the new foods we ordered from the Phoenix Foraging. Lady says "GOOFFY BIRD" to which Romeo replies "No-way" or ...."you gotta be kidding"...  he also says "that's too funny" and then laughs
Molly is not as vocal... yet...she is busy growing new feathers... 
We suspect she was never challenged to talk beyond "Good Morning" or "Hello" although she does say "Good morning, Molly." We are truly enjoying the simple pleasures of bird life by adopting these gems Thank YOU for all you do for the birds and for approving our home. Thank YOU for allowing us the pleasure of caring for some of Nature's Jewels.



Mickey & Minnie
Thank you so much for everything today!  The birds are doing fine and I'm thrilled to have them.  I'll take the very best care of them that I know how, after 20-plus years with birds.  They've lovely -- very sweet and pretty -- and I like their names too. Please pass these pictures along to their previous owner with assurances that her birds will be loved and pampered.  (Also assurances that the front and back of the cages are clear acrylic -- not missing!) Thanks to all who have cared for these birds ...
Here's a picture of Kumar on our kitchen table.  His colors don't show up like I wanted but he sure is a happy boy!
plum head
Houdini When Houdini first came home he was so fidgety and would only sit still if being constantly petted. He was also terrified of our dog, who was completely indifferent to his existence. He now has accepted the dog, and has calmed down so much, I can actually have him sit in my lap without him having to be the center of attention. He is a healthy, happy little pudgeball and enjoys his new home. He is our 2nd M2, and we were hoping to be able to cage them together, but alas, it isn't going to work out. That's ok though, he is my big baby and can usually be found snuggling in my lap getting loving or hiding under HIS cuddle blanket. He has attached himself to me and our other M2 is usually glued to my husband's lap, so that works out just fine. He continues to entertain us and our friends with his "raspberries" and "kisses" and as time goes on, he seems to pull more and more tricks out of his repertoire! Thanks so much for my little buddy!


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