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Success Stories

These are some of our recently adopted birds and what their new families have to say about them. Have a success story of your own or a cute picture you'd like to share? Let us know about it!


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I adopted (honkers), I have renamed her to Sassy, she is quite the sassy little girl. Just to let you know how she is doing, she is a wonderful bird, she is everything I hope and dream a bird would be. Whom ever said dogs and cats are the most loving animal have never had a birds love. She has learned many new things and words, I have a perch with suction cups to stick to the shower and car window, she loves to go for a ride and to shower. I had also read many books that you had suggested and I can say 95% of the time I can get her to, poopy on comand, on her cage instead of me. she has even started to let me know by stretching out looking me in the face and saying hello and doing her little poopy dance. She is my love. Again I would like to thank you.
Kiki I adopted Kiki (now Stella) ...maybe a little over a year ago? A lot has happened since then. I know I spoke with you via e-mail awhile back, but that was well over 6 months ago. Stella is doing great still. She is not aggressive at all anymore. Maybe she would be if I let her in a dark corner or some other situation where she would want to nest, but I just make sure that those options aren't available to her -and then she is a perfect lady and a great companion. She's living the good life with me as her personal chef :) We moved in July of last year due to a change in employment for me and the opportunity to move close to my new job. Stella did good with the move and continues to thrive and be in good health.
Ally is doing really well. She handled the car ride home great and actually seemed to enjoy the drive and looking around. She was pretty calm when we placed her in her new cage, too. She was really nervous when we first brought her home, but every day we notice that she is becoming more comfortable with us. Her appetite is good, as well as her activity. She loves singing and dancing in the shower to the radio! Ally is showing preference to Brent and our oldest son, Alex. Sometimes she lets me and our youngest 2 children hold and pet her, but other times she tries to bite us. We read that she is sensing a "pecking order" and is partial to the person who feeds her and cleans out her cage, even though I talk to her and feed her snacks often during the day. We are taking turns with her primary care so she'll warm up to me more. Brent thinks it's funny that Ally sees me as the "other woman" and acts jealous of me! We know it's going to take time and patience for her to adjust to her new surroundings become completely used to us and we're trying to do everything we can to help her adjust.


Emily (below) and Beakers (above)


Emily and Beakers joined our family a few months ago. If you ever saw Emily and Beakers at FFFS, you probably know that both of these Congo African Grey Parrots were in desperate need of patience and care of a loving family. Beakers' wings were poorly and prematurely clipped before he came to FFFS, so he never learned how to fly or how maintain a steady balance. He was falling down hurting himself every time, when out of the cage.  The wound on his chest didn't have a chance to heal properly. We don't know what happened to Emily prior to FFFS, but she appeared to be psychologically traumatized and extremely terrified. She spent her time clenched to the side of her cage totally silent and rarely moving even to reach for food or water. My family and I took Emily and Beakers hoping to help them to become healthy and happy birds once again, and both birds had a wonderful transformation in this short time. Beakers' chest healed, he is out of the cage every day spending time exploring his new surroundings and playing with toys. He is more and more surefooted with every passing day. He is a very cheerful and curious guy. He likes trying new foods and easily learns the tricks of opening his puzzle toys. He talks quite a bit in soft high pitch toned voice. Steps up by request and enthusiastically praises himself "Good boy!" He whistles and does many funny sounds like running water or telephone ring. Emily bonded with me very closely. She learned how to accept and enjoy a human touch. She loves those gentle scratches on the back of her neck, around her ears and cheeks, and even likes the soft caress on her back and wings. She is much more calm and relaxed, though still afraid of leaving her cage. She uses her perch and moves around the cage to get food or water without any problems. She started playing with toys and what a surprise she revealed a great talking ability! She speaks clearly in a nice baritone saying many words and phrases. She likes to talk to Beakers: "Good morning Beakers! How are you?".  They both are amazing birds! Several times I heard them carrying on a conversation, Emily asks a question and Beakers comes up with an answer that actually make sense!  They also learned all dog commands (we have 3 dogs) and now keep on training the dogs: "Get down! Come here! Sit, stay &Good boy!" We are so happy to have Emily and Beakers as a part of our family!
I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on Smuckers. Well, the first full day in his new home went as expected, he was a little nervous and didn't want to come out of his cage. Since I didn't want to be pushy I let him stay inside with the cage door open....in case he decided to change his mind. During that evening... Saturday he decided to step out and as soon as he did we found out he enjoys the freedom of being in and out of his cage as he pleases. Smuckers also loves to be held and be talked to, he hasn't said a word yet but either way he is a joy to have around. To sum it up all we can say....so far so good! :) Once again I would like to thank you all for giving him a chance to adopt another awesome feathered friend. I truly appreciate the time and patience you have to take care of this wonderful creatures and finding them good homes. As I said before,adopting a bird from the sanctuary is definitely a much better idea then to think about buying from a pet store or a breeder. We truly hope that good people give these wonderful birds a second chance .....everyone deserves a second chance and this includes our fine feathered friends!
I would like to update you on Carly, when we got her home she was indeed a different little bird. I can now open her cage and tell her to come and she does come out of her cage. Oh don't get me wrong I have enough bites on me to look like I have been through a terrible fight. But, she is no longer doing that I also do not reach into her cage I allow her to come to me and she responds, she already puts her head to my shoulder so that I can scratch her neck, she purrs. She also calls me ma if I leave the room she will scream, still in another room I tell her no and she then says ma ma ma I come back to the room, her screaming is pretty minimal and she says night Carly when I cover her up at night.


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