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Success Stories

These are some of our recently adopted birds and what their new families have to say about them. Have a success story of your own or a cute picture you'd like to share? Let us know about it!


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All is well here. Finn is fitting in. He is noisy, gregarious, and a good eater. He has a good sized cage and makes good use of all of it. He and Tiki (the Nanday we adopted last year), communicate noisily throughout the day although they do not have contact yet as we are still maintaining quarrentine. Apparently he is used to eating and drinking out of his human pets'dishes because he always has his head in the way when Dave is trying to eat. Somebody should fill him in on the eating habits of a seventeen year old athelete. There is something to be said for eating healthy when Finn is on the loose. He has a BIG BIRD attitude in a little bird body. He sometimes immitates sounds. He beeps like a smoke detector with a bad battery when he wants out of his cage. He purrs like a cat when he is excited and screeches "HA HAA" when he is angry or surprised. There is not much doubt what he expects.

Greetings from Paulie! Two weeks have past since I went home with my new mom and dad. Things have been great! I have been adjusting very well to my new home. My absolute favorite place is on mom's shoulder. I get so excited when she opens my cage and asks me to step up! I have never even tried to bite her when she puts her hand in! My family is really easy to entertain. They seem to get such a kick out of everything I have to say. One day some guy came to visit and said it sounded like I was saying "Papa's got to go to work & it's not fair! He's a workin fool!" Finally someone who understands me! They laughed for so long. It was very exciting. I have lots of other stuff to say! Like "What was that?" and "Ohhhhh!", "How ya doin?" and "Fine!". I tell mom "Don't go!" when she leaves the room, and if she calls for one of the other kids, I like to trick her and say "WHAT???". It gets her every time! Sometimes she asks me if I want more, and I'll say "YEAH!" I really only chatter with mom and a little girl named Abigail. I don't really talk much to dad during the day. Once Abbey comes home, I start to talk a bit. But when mom comes home from work, I really get excited! The other thing that really gets a lot of praise is that I don't ever go to the bathroom on mom. She seems to be very impressed by this. Most of all I wanted to thank you SO much for letting me come home with my new family. They are loads of fun, and I think that I will really like it here. Life is good!
Well, Hobbes, newly named Kiwi, is a proud addition to our family. The name is being debated, but I like Kiwi. The 6 hour ride home felt much longer, but when we got home Kiwi got settled in really fast. He/she (not sure of the sex) was a bit cautious at first, but seem to be warming up to the family, and we love him. He has been tweeting and showing off and seems to be quite content, and will let me catch him out of his cage pretty easily now. Thanks for the help and for letting Kiwi live a happy life with us!
Well, the ride home was interesting to say the least, but with a bit of manuevering I found a comfortable position with my legs stretched up inside the cage for a while. Mowgli adjusted quicker than I expected he would. He made himself at home on his play gym and it certainly has no fear. He climbs down the cage and walks over by us without a second thought to the cat or dogs. We have to keep a close eye on him. He also decided it would be fun to chew my Wooden Bob Marley on the wall instead of his toys, so I think we'll be moving Bob. He has said what cha doin and peek a boo and kiss noises and wolf whistles. He is quite a character. He also is very much a pig, like you said. He just eats & eats. He just doesn't like being put back in his cage. Steve found out the hard way...Ouch! Sandi and Randy, thank you so much. I attached some photos. He is a sweet bird and he will only get better with time. I can't understand why nobody adopted him before me. We will email soon with another update.
Popeye has been at my home now for almost a year and has made amazing strides.At first he was very fearful of human contact and with time patience, love and a reward techinque I've been using he is slowly stepping up for me he still jumps off my hand after a couple of minutes but is doing great. Also his vocabulary has been tremendous. He says hello and yeeeeeeeeeeeeaah bird and help  and then will laugh after he says it and says "I am Popeye" "yeah right""whatever" and he sings Oh my darling Clementine,  but very off key and in phases but he is doing amazing all his true grey feathers are coming in nicely as he was plucked a little when I first got him but we have been using palm oil and a variety of great fruits and veggies and pastas to help get them feathers back. In all I couldn't thank Randy and Sandi enough for giving me this little bundle of joy and he is truely an amazing bird and will enjoy him forever
Just wanted to let you know that Garret our Blue Front Amazon is doing quite well.  He seems to be adjusting to his new surroundings.  He's been very quite which is a good thing in our home.  I covered his cage last night and he didn't make a sound till I uncovered it this morning.  He has been talking a lot when we are around him. He hasn't eaten a lot, but he is eating some.  Probably still a bit overwhelmed with the move and all.  I did make some corn muffins using beans and veggie baby foods, red palm oil ,eggs  and various other things.  He gobbles it up.  I really appreciate all the time you spent with us and all your help! 


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